Neatly made bed with pillows stacked beside each other.

How can you make your bedroom a haven?

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary; the type of place you can retreat from the world, relax, and rest in comfort.

It should also be a dedicated zone where you can get the sleep you need each and every night.

But how can you make your bedroom a haven? Here are our top tips…

Start with the bed

A great bedroom that is conducive to getting the sleep you need starts with the actual structure that is the bed.

After all the comfort of your bed is the foundation of a good night’s rest. Take a critical view of your bed, looking at the actual bedframe and whether it still provides the right support and structural integrity.

Then turn your attention to your mattress and your pillows.

When did you last change your mattress, and does it still suit your needs? The average life expectancy of a mattress is about 10 years, and your sleep posture or lifestyle might have changed over time.

If a new mattress is in order, invest in a quality one. If the mattress is still suitable, it might also be worth improving it with a mattress topper.

Meanwhile, your pillows need changing on a fairly regular basis, and there are a host of new options available to ensure these pillows suit your individual sleep needs.

Consider your bedding

People often underestimate the importance of quality bedding, with your bed linen playing a critical role in helping you get a good night’s rest.

Ensure your bed linen suits the season and your sheets are made of natural fibres that moderate your temperature as you sleep.

Also turn your attention to your quilt or doona and weigh the possibility it might need an upgrade to better suit your needs.

What about the environment?

Creating a bedroom that is a haven also involves taking a good hard look at your actual sleep environment and the positioning of furniture.

 Is your room clutter free? Is there adequate ventilation and minimal ambient light? Is it quiet enough to get a good night’s rest?

If the answer to any of these is no, it’s time to make over your sleep environment.

 This might involve:

  • Removing extraneous items
  • Organising your space
  • Installing curtains or blinds that minimise ambient light
  • Removing or switching off devices that cast light at night
  • Eliminating ambient noise and echoes by insulating windows or adding soft furnishings that help dampen sound.


Looking to take it up a notch?

Once you’ve assessed and improved both your bed and the sleep environment, it’s time to consider those extras that make your room feel like a restful retreat.

A great tip here is to consider your bedroom akin to a resort or day-spa, where all the little things add up to create a warm and welcoming, yet highly relaxed environment.

These all-important finishing touches might see you add a feature plant to your room, throw in a couple of cushions, and embrace aromatherapy or candles.

To take it up a further notch, you might also consider adding extra personal luxuries to help you relax, such as a weighted blanket, sleep mask or a neck and shoulder wrap.

The final nod

A bedroom that’s a haven is one of life’s little luxuries that everyone should enjoy. You can read more tips on creating a great sleep environment here, or browse our range of products that assist.

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