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High-quality pillowcases for every sleep style

Slip into something a little more comfortable with the range of pillowcases from Super Sleeper Pro. While the type of pillow you choose for your sleep style is essential, the pillowcase may be just as important.

A quality pillowcase can help regulate your temperature and give you a soft place to lie your head at the end of a long day, and it also protects your pillow from sweat, dirt, body oils and bacteria — thus, giving it a longer life.

Buy pillowcases from the sleep experts

At Super Sleeper Pro, we’ve designed our pillowcase collection to meet the needs of a range of sleepers — whether you toss and turn at night, long for the cool side of the pillow or bed or just want a premium protector for your special pillow. From traditional deluxe cotton pillowcases to cooling bamboo options and luxurious protective silk pillowcases, you won’t find a better range of pillowcases elsewhere.

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Super Sleeper Pro — sleep just got better

From your pillowcase to your mattress topper and everything in between, Super Sleeper Pro uses smart designs and cutting-edge materials to help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. We love the science of sleep and are passionate about helping Australians find the right products to keep them cosy all night long.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, and at Super Sleeper Pro, we believe good sleep is the key to a good life. Thus, we’re here to help you find the right combination of factors and products that will improve your sleep quality in the long term, whatever that may be.


How often should you wash pillowcases?

Because of the natural oils from our scalps and faces and any face creams, skincare or hair care products we use, pillowcases often become soiled quicker than the rest of our bed sheets. This is why investing in a pillowcase that holds up to multiple washes without losing its softness is so important. To remove any dirt, oils and bacteria buildup, we recommend washing your pillowcases around once a week. 

How do you wash silk pillowcases?

To keep the natural lustre and softness of silk pillowcases, it is recommended that you hand wash them. You can do so in a small bucket or sink basin. Fill the bucket with cold water, and add a mild detergent free from harsh chemicals. 

Remember to only wash your silk pillowcases with like colours to avoid staining. When washing, allow the pillowcases to soak for a few minutes before rinsing them in cold water and hanging them to air dry. Our 100% mulberry silk pillowcases can be run over with a cool iron to keep them smooth and dry cleanable. 

What size pillowcases can I buy?

All of our bed pillowcases are designed to fit standard Australian-size pillows — fitting snugly without looking overstuffed and with enough room to accommodate pillows with a higher height or wider size. In general, we make our pillowcases in the dimensions of 48cm by 73cm, which is suitable for a Single, Double, Queen, King or Super King bedding set.

What kind of pillowcases are offered?

At Super Sleeper Pro, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get a great night’s sleep, no matter your age, size or sleep preference. That’s why we offer a wide range of premium pillowcases to suit any sleeper:

  • Mulberry silk — Silk is a natural fibre with amazing properties; it is naturally antibacterial, eco-friendly, thermo-regulating and hypoallergenic. It also creates a smooth and static-free surface which protects the hair follicle from breakage or frizzing while you sleep. The cool surface of a 100% silk pillowcase makes for an excellent night’s sleep in all climates and protects your skin and hair health from breakouts, hair fall, tangles and knots.

  • Cotton — An excellent all-rounder for cool and hot climates, cotton pillowcases are always popular. Our Royal Deluxe Breathable Cotton Pillowcases are made from luxurious satin woven cotton, which gives them the soft, lustrous feel of luxury hotel bed linen. Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and machine washable for practicality and ease.

  • Bamboo — If a ‘hot pillow’ plagues you when trying to sleep, you’ll love bamboo pillowcases. Made from an innovative and eco-friendly fabric, bamboo is famous for its cooling and moisture-wicking properties, allowing you to feel cool, dry and comfortable all night. Bamboo pillowcases also have a soft, satiny feel, which won’t irritate sensitive skin or feel scratchy.