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  • Our Super Sleeper Pro is on a sofa bed and it is now by far the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I feel warm and cozy on this topper and I now wake without the aches and pains I attribute to the inferior and costly mattresses on our other beds. As a result. I am seriously considering buying more Super Sleeper Pro toppers for our other beds. It's an amazing product and extremely well designed and is affordable.
  • I’ve had a week now, sleeping on the mattress topper and gee its been a hot week and I must say, it’s very cool, I wasn’t as sweaty as I was when I didn’t have the mattress topper on, my wife is still sleeping through the night and it’s very comfortable…its like sleeping on air, its actually really, really soft and really comfortable
  • I just bought this mattress topper and I love it. I was worried my other queen-sized sheets would not fit after the topper was placed on my bed, but they fit very well. Not a problem. I would highly recommend you get this if your current bed is a little too firm, as was the case with my current mattress, it just wasn't soft enough for sore and aching joints. But this topper will solve that issue for you and i love it, so glad i bought it.
  • The best mattress topper I have bought! Hubby sleeps so soundly and his snoring has lessened! I am sleeping like a baby and my joints are encased in the heavenly support of this topper! I wake refreshed without the stiffness I had before! I highly recommend this product and this is from a chronic insomniac!
  • The Super Sleeper is extremely comfortable and very supportive.Last year I brought a new mattress but was still experiencing lower back problems,so thought I would purchase the Super Sleeper Topper. I am so glad I did. My sleep has improved,I feel more rested and my lower back pain has eased.Great product.
  • Couldn't afford to purchase a completely new mattress so thought I'd give this a go as its a much cheaper alternative. So glad I went ahead with it as I found it incredibly comfy, giving me such a better nights sleep. It's also very convenient that you're able to simply unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine keeping them fresh. Would recommend to anyone.
  • The Super Sleeper is extremely comfortable and very supportive.Last year I brought a new mattress but was still experiencing lower back problems,so thought I would purchase the Super Sleeper Topper. I am so glad I did. My sleep has improved,I feel more rested and my lower back pain has eased.Great product.
  • I suffer from midsection back pain and despite this continuing for a number of reasons, the added feeling of waking up like someone had beaten me with a stick has stopped. Your body just moulds to the topper. You know that ahhh noise you make when you first get in to a bed when it's super comfy? Yep you do that, all the time now. I forgot what that felt like!
  • So it’s a week now that we’ve been using the super sleeper mattress topper, and I have to say, even though our mattress is over 10 years old, it really does feel like we’re sleeping in a new bed. So on that basis, I’m a big fan
  • Well it’s day three after having slept through the night again on my lovely new mattress topper. I cant remember having slept through the night like this in a very long time so I’m absolutely thrilled to catch up on some sleep. I can highly recommend this mattress topper to anyone who has trouble sleeping. the mattress topper is firm and at the same time has this lovely, cushiony effect so it’s very, very comfortable, I just love it.
  • My bed is quite firm and my mattress is very strong and hard, but after putting on the mattress topper, I slept all the way through… I usually get up during the night, but sleeping through has made me feel quite relaxed, I feel good.
  • Very happy with the super sleeper. Both my hubby and myself had different pain and back issues and due to those issues I wasn't sleeping very well. The mattress pillow topper is very comfortable and the pain, back and sleep issues have improved considerably. Therefore the topper has brought our chiropractic, gel/memory foam mattress back to life and given us better nights sleep. Thank you so much. Very grateful and going to purchase another for our sons old bed mattress too.
    Michelle F.
  • I lay on it for a moment (!!!!!) and decided that I may stay there all day, I have a James Patterson book to read, a G&T, and what more can one want. Thank you!
    Anne C
  • I am a labourer and I wake up early for work, my wife always use to disturb me in the night when she use to go to the toilet. Since having the Bed in a box, we haven’t had that problem since we received it.
    Sam F
  • This mattress is unbelievable! Buying a new mattress is so stressful and so I thought I will try this mattress in a box and save me the hassle. It was so worth it! I feel well supported and wake up feeling great. The bed is so comfortable and is so easy to set up.
    Kylie Theurer
  • I needed a new mattress when I moved out and I had no idea where to start when looking online. This looked like a comfortable, easier alternative and I’m so glad I bought it.
    Amy J
  • Me and my Boyfriend couldn’t afford to buy a new mattress, I was really struggling to sleep on our worn-out mattress. Luckily, I found the Super Sleeper Pro Bed in a box and it is so comfortable!
    Jess C
  • What a buy! I love that I can turn it over to get a different effect from the mattress depending on which side I lay on. I like one side that has the cooling gel as I get really hot during the night and my partner prefers the other. But we both agree that both sides are comfortable.
  • I was sceptical about buying a mattress online, but I’m so glad I did. The process was easy and since I have had my mattress, I have been having nothing but sweet dreams. The only problem is that I really don’t want to get out of bed these days!
  • Beautiful support as well as being soft and comfortable. It doesn’t compare to anything else it’s just so comfortable
    Kathleen Dansie
  • This bed is amazing. I have not slept this well in years. Myself and my partner both love it! Once it was delivered, it was super easy to set up and inflate properly. We love the reversible feature of this mattress!
  • I’m 6’2 so I’m a big bloke and it’s hard to find a mattress that gives me the support I need. I thought I had to get a new mattress but I put this on my bed and it’s like I got a new mattress.
    John Cordukes

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* Your 120 days begins once you receive your Super Sleeper Pro Mattress or Topper.

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