The Impact Of Mattress Toppers On Spine Alignment & Pain Relief

Here at Super Sleeper Pro, we know how big of an impact a good night’s sleep can have on a person. Improved mood, reduced stress and better productivity are just some of the benefits that can be gained from a full night’s sleep.

However, there might have been times when you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed due to back or spinal pain. In this article, let’s explore the connection between sleep, back pain and spinal health, discuss how mattress toppers can possibly help with back pain and examine the factors you should consider when looking for the right mattress topper for back pain.

The connection between sleep, spine health and back pain

Standing and sitting positions are often most associated with poor posture and orthopaedic issues. However, there is another posture that you may have overlooked, and it can be just as detrimental to your health as the other two — your sleeping position.

It makes sense that the position you’re in during sleep can greatly affect your posture and bring forth orthopaedic issues as you spend a third of your life asleep or attempting to do so. If your body’s posture during sleep is not optimal, your spinal column and other body parts might be affected negatively.

Unlike when you're awake, the posture you maintain during sleep is sustained for several hours at a time and if something is crooked, twisted, pinned or held at a strange angle, it can stay that way for much longer. As a result, an awkward sleeping posture can lead to pain ranging from the pins and needles of an "asleep" limb to the agony of a middle-of-the-night leg cramp.

What might be causing your back pain and spinal strain?

Below are five possible causes of spinal strain, as well as back pain, stiffness and soreness while you’re asleep.

  • Choice of pillow — Experiencing neck pain, stiffness or soreness upon waking up can be attributed to your pillow. Sleeping on your stomach with your head twisted to one side can cause neck strain, but sleeping in any position where your neck is not adequately supported can be problematic. It can be especially challenging to find the right pillow, given that there are a lot of options on the market, from soft down pillows to firm memory foam pillows.
  • Sleep posture — If you wake up with pain that you don't feel during the day, your sleep posture is likely playing a role. Your sleep posture affects the neutral spine and if you are not positioned in a way that keeps your spine aligned and relaxed, you may be putting excess weight or strain on different parts of the back.
  • Health issues — When you're asleep, your body is at rest and your spine and other joints are not bearing any weight. Therefore, it shouldn't cause any pain. If you experience back pain when you sleep, chances are it's caused by something other than your sleep posture, such as osteoarthritis of the spine, a slipped or herniated disc or sciatica.
  • Daytime posture — Lifestyles and how people move through their day-to-day lives can also contribute to spine and back pain. Carrying heavy objects or holding an awkward body position when driving, sitting at a desk or standing and walking can strain muscles and ligaments and lead to muscle tension or weakness on one side of the body.
  • Tight muscles — Another thing that can contribute to the pain you feel in your back is tight muscles. If you fail to stretch your muscles regularly or if you keep your shoulders and head in a fixed, unnatural position during the day, you may be bringing that stress to bed at night. Stretching, strengthening and massaging can help you re-balance your body and loosen up your neck and shoulders.

All in all, it’s important to pay attention to how you sleep if you experience back pain or have spinal issues. There are a lot of things that you can do to help with the back pain you feel when you wake up, including massaging your neck and shoulders, changing your sleep position, choosing a better pillow and getting professional medical advice.

That said, if you have a bad back, mattress toppers might help as these have been shown to alleviate back pain and keep your spine aligned. Using a mattress topper for bad backs can make sleeping a more comfortable experience.

The benefits of bed toppers for back pain and spine alignment

If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping at night due to persistent pain and a bad back, mattress toppers could provide the solution you have been seeking. Regardless of the type of back pain or injury you are experiencing, a mattress topper can alleviate some of the contributing factors to your poor sleep quality.

Mattress toppers for bad backs come in various shapes and sizes and offer an additional layer of comfort on top of your existing mattress by incorporating memory foam. This added cushioning can serve two purposes:

  • For those who have back pain, mattress toppers can provide a softer surface for a firm mattress that is causing back pain. 
  • Using a mattress topper for back pain offers a firmer surface for an ageing mattress that may have sagged or sunk over time. 

Regardless of which scenario suits your needs better, a mattress topper can potentially contribute to better quality sleep and reduced back pain throughout the night.

This is because mattress toppers that are appropriately thick for your requirements can significantly improve spinal alignment and overall sleeping position while also relieving pressure points.

It is important to note that when selecting bed toppers for back pain, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because people sleep differently. For instance, a mattress topper that suits a side sleeper may not be the best option for someone who sleeps on their stomach. It is essential to keep this in mind while searching for the appropriate bed toppers for back pain. 

Choosing the right mattress toppers for back pain and maintaining spine health

Are you suffering from back pain and looking for a solution? Using mattress toppers for bad backs could be the answer you are seeking. However, finding the right mattress toppers for a bad back can be a challenging task. Below are some tips on how to choose the best mattress topper for back pain and back support.

  • Evaluate the firmness and material of your mattress
  • Before purchasing a mattress topper for bad backs, it's essential to assess the characteristics of your mattress, such as firmness and material. If you don't have a mattress yet, it's advisable to buy one first and then choose a mattress topper that complements it. This is because the two items work better together to provide optimal back support. If you have back pain, mattress toppers made of natural fibre will be better for mattresses that are made of natural materials. The same goes for synthetic materials.

  • Keep your sleeping position in mind
  • Another crucial factor to consider when choosing mattress toppers for bad backs is your sleeping position. Depending on your preferred sleeping position, you need to choose a topper that provides adequate support and comfort. If you sleep on your back, go for a topper that's not too firm or too soft. Stomach sleepers should opt for a relatively firm topper, while side sleepers need a soft topper that offers exceptional pressure relief.

  • Choose the right material for your mattress topper
  • If you have a bad back, a mattress topper that’s soft and made of down, feather, wool or microfibre can be great, especially if you have a firm mattress. If your old mattress is still firm and in good condition, a latex topper can provide the necessary support for your back and increase its lifespan. For those who prefer durability, latex or high-density memory foam toppers are a great option.

    Choosing the right mattress topper for bad backs is essential for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. By following these tips, you can find the perfect topper that complements your mattress, sleeping position and personal preferences.

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