Get familiar with how to use your new air purifier for maximising results and maintaining its quality through proper cleaning. On this help page we cover the various controls when operating the air purifier, how to change and clean the different filters, when the filters need replacing, and the instruction manual in a digital pdf file.

Helpful FAQs to Get the Most out of your Remedical Active Air Purifier®

How often and how to figure out when you need to replace the filters

Every 1500 hours the filters need to be changed. When the 'Change' icon lights up on the purifier you should change the filters. After they've been replaced, press the child lock button for 5 seconds to reset this function.

Why does the Air Purifier turn off when the unit is being picked up?

The Air Purifier has a safety trip button on the base of the unit. It is designed to act as a safety feature for the electrical system. The product is required to be on a flat surface to work, therefore, the unit will turn off once raised from the floor. 

Where can I buy these filters from?

These filters can only be replaced from our companies Kleva range or Super Sleeper Pro.

Is the Air Purifier noisy?

Not at all. Although for people who are light sleepers we've added a night mode setting to make the air purifier even quieter and even dims the lighting.

How many watts/hr (Kilowatt hours)?

80 Watts an hour

Can you wash the filters?

You shouldn't wet the filters with water when cleaning them. Instead, each filters needs to either be vacuumed or placed in a well ventilated area. See the manual page 12 for more information.

Does the air purifier remove moisture in the air?

Yes it does. 

Does the air purifier need to be in the middle of the room or against a wall?

Keeping it in the middle of the room helps the Air Purifier to filter the air as fast as possible.

Is it battery powered or mains operated?

No batteries are needed. Simply put the purifier's cord into the closest electrical plug. 

How big is the Air Purifier?

It's designed to be 65cm high, 19.5cm wide, and 37cm long. 

How frequently should I use it each day?

Use until the colour coded allergen index is displayed as green, leave it for a few hours, and then check to see whether the air quality needs filtering again. 

How big of a room can this purify?

The Remedical Active Air Purifier can purify a room sized 22-38 m2

Can this be left on overnight?


What are the different colours which indicate the air quality?

Green indicates excellent air quality, yellow means moderate air quality, and red means your air is heavily polluted.

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