Who Is Super Sleeper?

Super Sleeper is an Australian family owned brand, which is dedicated to helping everyone in Australia have a better nights sleep. No matter what your size, age or sleep preference!

Why did Super Sleeper Start?

Super Sleeper developed after hearing so many stories from our friends and families who struggle to get a good nights sleep for all different reasons! They just couldn’t get comfortable because of their mattress, they suffered from aches and pains in their bodies or their partners toss and turn keeping them awake! We sleep for over a third of our life so we just had to get to the bottom of this!

What is the problem with other sleep solutions on the market?

The problem with most sleep solutions on the market is they just don’t address all of the issues! Often they are too thin, don’t provide the proper support, are made from poor quality materials and can be very ineffective for what you pay!

What has Super Sleeper come up with?

After years of vigorous testing of materials and products Super Sleeper has developed a range of sleep solution products that are not only affordable but they actually work! Focusing on materials that support your body whilst you sleep, reduce the chance of being woken up by your partner and all our products have washable covers so that you are sleeping hygienically! Super Sleeper are so proud of the products that have been developed all products have a money back guarantee!