Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows

How to get a good night’s sleep when your sleeping environment is shared

Call it snoozing, shut-eye, or entering the land of nod, you’d think sleep was a skill you mastered in childhood and then had the habit nailed for life.

Not so. Sleep changes over the course of your life due to a whole host of factors like age, stress levels, pregnancy, diet and even your fellow bed companions.

On that last note, those bed companions can of course also change, arriving in the form of partners, children, and even pets.

So, let’s examine the phenomenon of co-sleeping and how to ensure you get a good night’s rest even when your sleeping environment is shared.  

The trouble with sleep companions

When you share a bed, chances are it’s with those you love the most in life. There’s your partner, small children, and perhaps even a comfort-seeking pet.

But that doesn’t mean those co-sleepers will share the same sleeping habits as you.

You might have a partner who tosses and turns or perhaps snores. They might be a night owl while you’re an early riser, or perhaps they like to snuggle, while you enjoy your own space.

Children then add a whole new dynamic. It can quickly become apparent those cute little arms pack a powerful midnight punch, and sometimes even the biggest of beds feels limited in space.

Meanwhile, pets come with their own set of co-sleeping challenges, including different sleep patterns, four paws, and that innate ability to find the most comfortable spot in any bed and firmly entrench themselves there.

So here are our top tips when it comes to sharing your bed…

Minimise partner disturbance

A quality mattress and comfortable topper go a long way to minimising partner disturbance. Both are great options if you have a partner who tends to toss and turn or wake at different hours to you.

Invest in pillows

A pillow that suits your individual sleeping style allows you to enjoy comfort even when you’re sharing your bed.

It’s something to invest in at all stages of life but particularly important during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and if you struggle with neck or back pain.

Quality bedding

Quality linen helps regulate your temperature. When you’re co-sleeping this improves the comfort of all parties trying to get some well-earned rest.

Meanwhile, sheets, linen and mattress toppers made of natural fibres can also help minimise allergens, which may be an issue for those who share their beds with pets.

A little protection

If you happen to regularly or just occasionally share your bed with small children, mattress protection is a must.

It will not only lengthen the life of your mattress but protect it from any mishaps along the way.

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