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What sort of sleeper are you?

What sort of sleeper are you?

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping or attempting to do so. But while the act of sleep is a daily necessity, no two people are the same when it comes to the way they drift off and what they do while enjoying some welcome shut-eye.

So, what sort of sleeper are you?

The doona thief - Ultimate aim to have it all

If each morning sees you curled up in the comfort of blankets while your partner shivers in the cold, chances are you’re a doona thief.

As honest as they are by day, come sundown the doona thief steals by stealth, rolling into the bed sheets until ultimately, they have it all.

The starfish – Conquering every corner of the bed

There are two sides to a shared bed, but in their sleepy state the starfish stretches the rules.

As the curtains close on a perfect day, the otherwise generous starfish is ruthlessly invading others’ territory and planting a limb in every corner of the bed.

The restless – Struggling their way into the land of nod

At some point we’ve all been that restless sleeper who twitches, turns, lashes out and generally makes it impossible for others to get a wink of sleep.

The poor restless sleeper suffers as much as their sleeping companions with their tossing, turning, and lack of ability to stay still.

The noise maker – An unwitting DJ of sleep

Between teeth grinding, snoring and dream-inspired conversations, the noise maker serves up a nightly cacophony of weird and wondrous sounds.

Often, they’re unaware of this night-time skill, and are genuinely surprised when informed of their dubious talents.

The koala – A copious cuddler with clinging capability

Oh so lovable, the koala is a truly affectionate creature who expresses their emotions by wrapping a limb or four around their unwitting bedtime companions.

As sweet as the koala is, we’re sorry to say that sometimes we all need a little space.

The early bird – Gone by the break of dawn

The moon is setting, the sun is rising, and the early bird is ready to embrace the new day.

There’s much to praise about the early bird and their pre-dawn productivity. However (respectful word to the wise) others may not share the same level of enthusiasm for the beauty of the coming day.

The night owl – A total hoot into the wee hours of the morning

Whether it’s a gripping novel or a last-minute deadline, night owls get their second wind right about the time others are settling in for a good night’s rest.

You’ll often find your resident night owl seeking ‘five more minutes’ long after lights out, or completing a whole range of tasks that others would reserve for daylight hours.

There’s a solution for every sleeper (and their long-suffering partner)

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