Customer Loyalty Program

You belong in the Super Sleeper Pro’s Priority Club!

Our members earn points which can be redeemed for money off your next order.
You'll also gain exclusive access to our members-only sales, special offers and birthday gifts!

How It Works

Super Sleeper Pro Priority logo


Join the Super Sleeper Pro Priority club by
creating an account with Super
Sleeper Pro and we'll give you a bonus 200 Points to get you started!

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Earn 5 Points or more for every $1
you spend. The Rewards club also includes many other ways to earn Points!

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Redeem points for exclusive discounts
and special offers on your favourite SSP products!

How To earn

Super Sleeper Pro Priority logo

Sign Up
+200 Points

Join the Super Sleeper Pro Priority club
and we’ll give you 200 points to get you started

SSP earn logo

Place an order
+5 points

Earn 5+ points
on every $1 you spend with
Super Sleeper Pro

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Leave us a review
+200 points

We want to hear from you!
Leave us a review

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Send us your
Up to +500 points

Leave us a review with a photo or video
of your product in use for bonus points

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Follow us
on Social
+200 points

Give us a like on Facebook or follow
us on Instagram for extra points

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Celebrate your
+500 points

Tell us your birthday and we’ll
treat you with Extra Points!

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Refer a Friend and get $30 off your next purchase!

How To Redeem

Redeem your points for coupon codes which can be used on your next purchase!

redeem points
redeem points
redeem points
redeem points


Work your way through our Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond tiers to earn up to
8 Points for every dollar you spend and a $50 Coupon on your birthday!

Each time you reach a new tier we will also reward you with a
Bonus Coupon Code to spend on your next order.

silver reward
gold reward
diamond reward
$0 - $500 spend $500 - $1000 spend $1000 - $1500 spend $1500+ spend
Earn reward points for every dollar spent 5 points 6 points 7 points 8 points
Celebrate your birthday 500 points 1000 points 2000 points 5000 points
Bonus Coupon code $10 $20 $50

Refer a Friend

Love Your Super Sleeper Pro Product? Make sure to tell your friends!
They’ll get 15% OFF their first purchase and you’ll earn $30 OFF your next order, see how below:

top arrow step one
Step 1

Log into your Super
Sleeper Pro account

top arrow step two
Step 2

Click the Super Sleeper Pro Priority Club Icon at the bottom of your screen

top arrow step three
Step 3

Here you will find your
unique referral URL, copy
this URL and share it with
your friends via, Email,
Facebook, SMS or however you like

top arrow step four
Step 4

Your friend must place
their order through this
URL to receive their 15% off

top arrow step five
Step 5

As soon as they have
completed their order,
you will receive your $30 coupon code via email

top arrow step six
Step 6

Share this code with as
many friends as you
want to keep on earning!

Please note you can only refer friends who have not purchased from Super Sleeper Pro before.


Can I use / earn points on phone orders?

Rewards points can only be earned and redeemed online though our website.

If I place an order, will an account be automatically created for me?

No, however you will still earn points for any orders placed on a guest account which can be redeemed once you join the Super Sleeper Pro Priority club.

Can I link the points on my guest account to my new rewards account?

Yes, any points earned on a guest account will automatically be transferred to your active rewards account as soon as you sign up with the same email linked to the guest account.

Do you have to be logged in on your account to redeem points?

Yes, make sure you are logged into your account before placing an order.

Where can I locate my total points?

You can locate your points by clicking on the rewards icon located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

How do I convert my points into coupons?

Click the rewards icon located at the bottom left hand corner of your screen, then click ‘Ways to Redeem’, here you will see all the coupons you are eligible to redeem. Please note, you cannot merge coupon codes together so make sure to redeem the correct coupon amount you wish to use toward your order.

Can I merge coupons together?

No, once you have chosen to redeem your points for a coupon code they cannot be converted back to points or combined with another coupon.

Once I have redeemed points for a coupon code can I cancel it if I want to wait to accumulate it for something bigger?

Once you have chosen to redeem your points for a coupon code they cannot be converted back to points.

Can we use discount codes in conjunction with our coupons?

Unfortunately, only one discount or coupon code can be used per order, however your reward coupons have a 12 month expiry, and can be saved for future orders if you wish to use another discount.