Tips To Keep Your Bed Warm This Winter

Tips To Keep Your Bed Warm This Winter

During winter, having warm winter bedding is crucial. It not only boosts comfort but also helps prevent the chill that can disrupt sleep and aggravate conditions like arthritis and chronic colds. Additionally, a warm bed aids in regulating your body's temperature at night, promoting deeper, more restful sleep. Here are some tips on how to keep warm in winter in bed, allowing you to enjoy the season comfortably.

Switch to heavyweight cotton sheets

Switching your regular sheets to cotton is a smart move for staying warm during the winter months. Cotton sheets are highly effective for winter bedding because their natural fibres are excellent at retaining heat. Cotton's ability to breathe also means it doesn't trap moisture, so you stay warm without feeling damp. When selecting cotton sheets, aim for a high thread count to ensure the sheets are soft and more tightly woven, which enhances their insulating properties.

Invest in a heated mattress pad

While many people are familiar with electric blankets, a heated mattress pad is another fantastic option for how to keep warm in winter in bed. Unlike electric blankets that cover you from above, heated mattress pads lay beneath you, providing consistent warmth throughout the night. One key difference is that mattress pads can help reduce hotspots and provide a more even heat distribution. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for safe use, ensure the wiring is intact and never fold or ball up the pad, which could lead to overheating and potential hazards.

Layer with wool or fleece blankets

Another effective strategy to keep the bed warm during winter is layering with wool or fleece blankets. Both materials are excellent for heat retention: wool is naturally insulating and can hold heat efficiently, while fleece is lighter yet similarly effective at keeping you warm. Start with a lighter sheet close to your body, add a heavy wool blanket and top with a snug fleece throw for extra cosiness. Layering allows you to adjust your bedding according to your warmth needs and is perfect for staying comfortable throughout the night.

Invest in a quilt 

A quilt is one of the most effective ways to keep warm in bed during winter. Down is renowned for its insulating properties, thanks to the loft and density of the feathers, which trap heat efficiently. This makes down comforters extremely warm yet lightweight, providing comfort without the heaviness of multiple blankets. For those allergic to down, there are hypoallergenic duvets that use synthetic fibres while still providing warmth. 

The Super Sleeper Pro All-Season Quilt offers versatility to keep you comfortable year-round, while the ThermaCloud Blanket has a 5-layer design for the coldest nights. These products are designed to offer all-night warmth, no matter the season!

Try draft stoppers

Consider using draft stoppers to combat the cold drafts that can seep into your bedroom and under your doors or windows. These can be as simple as a rolled-up towel placed at the base of a door or more decorative solutions like store-bought or DIY stuffed fabric tubes. These stoppers block the cold air from entering, keeping the bedroom environment more controlled and consistently warm.

Install thermal curtains

Installing thermal curtains over windows can dramatically increase your room's ability to retain heat. These curtains are designed with a special insulating layer that helps block cold air from entering through the windows and keeps the warmth inside from escaping. By drawing your thermal curtains at night, you can ensure your bedroom remains a snug refuge from the winter cold.

Add a rug 

Don’t overlook the impact that cold floors can have on your bedroom’s temperature. Rug layering is an effective way to add insulation and warmth to your bedroom, especially if you have hardwood or tile floors. Place a thick, plush rug under or partially under your bed to keep your feet warm when you step in and out of bed. 

Use hot water bottles

Using hot water bottles is a traditional and effective method if you’re wondering how to keep the bed warm during winter. You can preheat your bed quickly and safely by filling a rubber bottle with hot water and placing it under your blankets a few minutes before bed. This method is particularly useful for those who prefer not to use electric bedding items and still enjoy the comfort of slipping into a warm bed.

Monitor room temperature and humidity

In addition to warm winter bedding, proper room conditions are key to keeping your bed warm in winter. Maintaining the ideal sleeping temperature and humidity levels is crucial for a comfortable night's rest. When it's too hot, your body struggles to cool down, making it hard to fall and stay asleep. Too cold, and you might wake up feeling shivery. The sweet spot (15-19°C) helps your body regulate temperature naturally for a restful sleep.

Dry air (low humidity) can irritate your nose and throat, making breathing difficult. Super muggy air (high humidity) can make you sweaty and uncomfortable. The ideal range (40-50% humidity) keeps you breathing easily and feeling comfortable all night. Tools like thermostats and humidifiers can help maintain these conditions, ensuring your bedroom is neither too cold nor too dry.

Consider your bed placement

Adjusting the placement of your bed can help you figure out how to keep your bed warm in winter. To minimise heat loss, move your bed away from windows or exterior walls, as these areas are often cooler. Placing your bed in a warmer part of the room can help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night, ensuring the cold from windows does not affect your sleep environment. This simple adjustment can make a significant difference in how warm you feel during winter nights.

Use bedroom socks and slippers

Socks help improve circulation while you sleep, leading to better heat distribution throughout your body. Additionally, keeping a pair of slippers nearby is handy for nighttime trips, ensuring that you don’t expose your feet to cold floors, which can quickly lower your body temperature. Both socks and slippers are simple yet effective measures for how to keep the bed warm during winter.

Drink warm beverages before bed

How to keep your bed warm in winter isn't just about the bedding and room temperature — it's also about preparing your body for a warm, restful night. Indulging in a warm drink before bed can significantly raise your body temperature, making it easier to fall asleep comfortably. Herbal teas, warm milk or a non-caffeinated drink are ideal choices for bedtime. 

Establish a winter evening routine

Establishing an evening routine that includes activities to increase body warmth, such as light exercise before bed, can greatly enhance your sleep quality. Gentle activities like yoga or stretching can increase circulation and body temperature. This is especially beneficial during colder months when it can be challenging to feel warm. 

By integrating these activities into your nightly routine, you not only warm up your body but also relax your mind, making it easier to drift into a peaceful night's sleep. This tactic works well with your warm winter bedding and ensures you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Try a mattress topper 

Adding a mattress topper can transform your sleeping experience, especially during the cold winter months. Our bestselling mattress topper, featuring multi-layer comfort and memory foam technology, conforms to your body to minimise air movement and retain heat, ensuring you stay warm all season. The soft, washable bamboo cover adds another layer of comfort, with thermal-regulating properties to keep the warmth in without overheating. Plus, with free pillows and a 120-night sleep guarantee, you can enjoy a trial through the winter to ensure it's the perfect fit for your needs.

Stay warm all winter long with Super Sleeper Pro 

You can create a snug and warm sleeping environment by following these detailed strategies, from choosing the right warm winter bedding accessories to adjusting your bed placement. If you're looking to upgrade your bedding this winter, shop our selection of quilt covers and blankets at Super Sleeper Pro. Whether you need advice on the best bedding for staying warm or tips on upgrading your mattress setup, our team at Super Sleeper Pro is ready to assist you. Contact us today if you have any questions! 

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