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These FAQ's Help Maximise UsageOf Your Royal Deluxe Dream Sheets®

Whats the difference between each fabric?

Cotton is our most popular fabric with soft, breathable fibres that have a natural feel all year round. Bamboo is the smoothest fabric with a silky-soft feel that's cooling on the skin. It's also the most delicate and needs more care when washing. Super Weave is a polycotton blend and is the most durable of all our fabrics, requiring minimal ironing and lasts for years to come.

Can I tumble dry my sheets?

No. Royal Deluxe Dream Sheets are made of a premium quality fabric that's not designed to be tumble dried. This may cause shrinkage and pilling to your sheets.

What temperature should I wash my sheets at?

All sheets should be washed in cold temperatures at around 20°C

How can I prevent my sheets from pilling?

Always wash your sheets at the advised temperature and do not tumble, as it may cause pilling and damage to your sheets.

Whats my warranty?

We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our Royal Deluxe Dream Sheets®.

What am I covered for?

You're covered for any damage to the sheets outside of the usual wear and tear. This doesn't include shrinkage, fraying, or pilling of the sheets, which can be prevented by following the care instructions.

Which way do I put the sheets on?

Your sheets should be placed with the stripe running vertically down your bed. Our coloured Royal Deluxe Sheets also feature an extra seam to prevent the sheets from coming untucked. This side with the extra seam should be placed at the head of your bed.