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Maximising comfort with super king bed mattress toppers

A super king bed is a statement of luxury and space. Our Super Sleeper Pro mattress toppers amplify this luxury, ensuring that every inch of your expansive bed is a zone of unparalleled comfort. Tailored specifically for super king beds, these toppers complement the spaciousness with consistent support.

Incorporating leading sleep science

Our dedication to improving sleep quality has led us to continually rely on the latest findings in sleep research. The outcome? A super king bed topper that isn’t just large in size but also superior in the science of sleep comfort. By understanding how the human body rests, the pressure points and the support needs, we've crafted a topper that offers personalised comfort across its vast expanse. 

The design ensures that the support adjusts to you whether you're at the centre or edge of your super king bed. Transitioning from restless nights to ones filled with tranquillity and waking up feeling genuinely refreshed becomes the norm with our scientifically backed design.

Safety and wellness combined

A great night's sleep is more than just about comfort. Our topper, designed with hypoallergenic properties, ensures a sleep environment prioritising your health. Sleep soundly, knowing your bed is a shield against common allergens.

Low-key maintenance, high-key sleep support

Our super king size mattress toppers respect modern demands, prioritising both performance and ease of maintenance. Enjoy the grandeur of expansive comfort without the worry of exhaustive care routines.

Elevate the majesty of your super king bed with Super Sleeper Pro

Our super king bed mattress toppers redefine opulent comfort. It's essential to ensure your mattress topper complements your bed size

Explore our extensive range of mattress toppers, available also for single, double, queen size, king size and king single. Accurate sizing is paramount for the best sleep experience. Any questions or need recommendations? Our dedicated team is available to guide you, ensuring your choice aligns with your needs and preferences.

You deserve to sleep like a king tonight. Experience sleep-befitting royalty with Super Sleeper Pro.